The ToneStyler B-10-L BASS TEN LONG, G-10-L GUITAR TEN LONG, and the new mid-range  S-10-L SPECIAL TEN LONG (formerly "Custom Ten") are ten-position miniature capacitor array / decade selector switches, for electric guitars & basses with hi-Z passive magnetic pickups.  These unique custom tone controls feature eight contrasting capacitance circuits with uniform audio-taper spacing between tones, and the guaranteed quietest switching in this device class!


The SPECIAL TEN LONG is a brand-new mid-range variation of our full-range ToneStyler GUITAR TEN LONG. The reduced 8.2nF capacitance range focuses solely on mid-range, presence, and treble harmonics. Voiced to enhance the clean and overdrive tones from classic all-tube amplifiers, the SPECIAL TEN LONG is essential for bridge pickups in both stage and studio applications.


At full clockwise rotation #10, true bypass is selected; in the adjacent #9 detent, "virtual tone pot loading" is selected, which exactly duplicates the subtle loading and treble reduction of a standard guitar or bass tone pot when turned to maximum clockwise brightness.  B-10 range: TRUE BYPASS to .100µF;  G-10 range: TRUE BYPASS to .022µF;  S-10 range: TRUE BYPASS to 8.2nF.


For use in guitars or basses with only one master volume control (PRS, Les Paul Jr, single-pickup basses) connect the shielded cable directly to the volume pot's input terminal. For Strats, connect one ToneStyler as a master, and reconnect the other tone pot also as a master.


In three-knob guitars or basses with dual volumes but only one tone knob (Flying V, Explorer, Thunderbird, SG), connect one ToneStyler directly to either pickup's output cable, "pre-volume". This will control both pickups, but not the other pickup if soloed. To optionally switch the ToneStyler to the other pickup, use a push-pull volume pot.  Better yet, convert the dual volumes to master plus dual tone controls ( like a Strat), or master plus blend (like Fender's Deluxe basses).


In four-knob guitars or basses featuring two pickup volumes and two tone controls (Gibson SG, ES-335, Fender Thinline, RIC 4001), use one ToneStyler for either the bridge or the neck pickup (it will also control 'both pickups'), and leave the other tone knob as-is.  Or, upgrade with a pair of ToneStylers, for independent EQ control of each pickup.


Please see our large selection of custom and optional control plans.


USA 24-fine-spline split-shaft tip fits USA push-on knobs, and set-screw knobs with 6mm or 1/4" hole sizes. Does NOT FIT Epiphone's 18-coarse-spline metric knobs (use a Gibson knob). 3/8”-32 dia. x 1/2" mid-length USA bushing mounts through surfaces up to 3/8” thick, such as metal control plates, pickguards, and solid-wood & laminated tops with 3/8” diameter mounting holes. Compact shielded polymer module with 0.875" dia. and 0.8125" behind-panel depth (±5%) allows an easy drop-in swap for a standard tone pot, with no fitting or modification required in most instruments.


See the animated EQ chart for a comparison of the audio performance of a standard single-capacitor bass tone pot, vs the multi-capacitor ToneStyler BASS TEN; check out our product specifications for more information.


100% passive analog circuity - no batteries - zero noise!  Includes mounting hardware and 1/2" hex nut driver.  Hand-made in the U.S.A.    MAP $159