NEWS UPDATE: 9/4/2022

Stellartone introduces the new V-10-500 & V-10-250 PRECISION VOLUME CONTROLS:  List $173.75   MAP $139

Now available for purchase on Stellartone's PayPal store and our REVERB.COM shop.  Please see our home page for complete details!

Stellartone reissues a limited run of BASS SIX and CUSTOM SIX ToneStylers:  List $136.25   MAP $99

First manufactured in 2012, the BASS SIX (.047µF max capacitance, plus true bypass) is perfect for the Fender P-Bass.  The CUSTOM SIX (5.6nF max capacitance, plus true bypass) is perfect for the Fender Tele!  These compact controls feature short-solid-shaft hardware, which is suitable for mounting through ≤3/16" thin surfaces, such as pickguards and metal control plates; if mounting through ≤3/8" thick wood tops, choose a ToneStyler TEN.  Both controls exclusively fit 1/4" hole USA set-screw knobs - no push-on plastic knobs or 6mm hole metric knobs!

When our final inventory of Grayhill custom switches is depleted, ToneStyler SIXES will no longer be made... so don't delay in ordering yours!

Stellartone resumes direct international sales & shipping

Stellartone has just added CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, JAPAN, FRANCE, and U.S. TERRITORIES as available for sales and shipping... exclusively via REVERB.COM and UPS.  For sales in the United Kingdom and Germany, please order from our authorized international dealers listed on our shopping page.  As international shipping costs vary greatly based upon the destination, message us in advance of placing your order.

ToneStyler DUO SIX is no longer in production

We regret that production of the DUO SIX was discontinued this past spring; our final inventory was exhausted earlier this summer.  Due to the proportionately-higher cost of producing this specialized dual-channel dual-cable ToneStyler model, plus the rising prices of all components, it was not possible to offer the $139 MAP of our ToneStyler TEN models.

May we suggest that you promptly acquire one of the last DUO SIXES from our authorized Stellartone dealer, Fat Bass Tone. Or, locate a new or used product on REVERB.COM.


Otherwise, the single-cable ToneStyler BASS TEN and BASS SIX models may be optimally upgraded in the Fender Jazz Bass and instruments having three "volume-volume-tone" controls, by using the following wiring options:

1)   Master volume - MONO BLEND POT - ToneStyler.

*** Don't try a STEREO PAN POT - these look exactly the same... but they only work in mixing boards! ***

2)   Replace one volume pot with a push-pull pot, and wire the ToneStyler to the DPDT switch to connect to either pickup's direct "pre-volume" output by operating the knob.

3)   Wire the ToneStyler directly to one chosen pickup's "pre-volume" output, leaving the other pickup uncontrolled when soloed.  When the chosen pickup is set at full volume, the ToneStyler will also control the blend of both pickups.


It's important to note that the stock Fender J-Bass tone pot has been improperly-wired "post-volume" to the output jack.  Should you decide to retain this incorrect wiring, any tone control will only work properly when setting one or both pickup volumes to MAXIMUM LOUDNESS at all times.  When both pickup volumes are set below maximum, the ToneStyler (or the stock tone pot) will no longer function, because it will be improperly-controlling the cable and the amp's input... not the pickups!