COVID-19 hiatus; ToneStyler product line reduced for 2021

Due to key vendor shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturing of new ToneStylers has been pushed well into this fall.  Our spring inventory is depleting rapidly.  As of this update, we've completely sold out of the BASS TEN LONG, the BASS DUO SIX LONG, the GUITAR TEN SHORT, and the GUITAR DUO SIX SHORT ToneStyler models.  Only eight models remain in stock.

We've also received steep cost increases for 2021.  To limit the impact upon retail pricing, we must regretfully discontinue nine specialty & economy models, and solely build our three most-popular multi-use ToneStylers: the BASS TEN LONG, the GUITAR TEN LONG, and the BASS DUO SIX SHORT.

If you've been considering a summer upgrade for your guitar or bass, please do not delay in placing your ToneStyler order!  Supplies are limited, pricing is unchanged, and new manufacturing will be delayed for several months.  Thank you for your attention.