NEWS UPDATE: 1/3/2021

• Stellartone's 2021 GUITAR TEN, BASS TEN, and DUO SIX models are now available! Please visit our web store and REVERB.COM for complete product information.

• The 2020 GUITAR DUO SIX LONG is nearly sold out!  If you've been considering a fall upgrade for your Gibson Flying V or Explorer, the GUITAR DUO SIX LONG is the perfect model for all three-knob "volume-volume-tone" guitars with USA push-on knobs.  Supplies are very limited... and this premium model  is now discontinued!

• Stellartone will be closed from January 25th through February 12th.  Our on-line stores will be inactive or will show items as "out of stock" during this closure.

Thank you for your attention.