NEWS UPDATE: 11/20/20

DUO SIX now shipping!  COVID-19 hiatus is nearly over;  GUITAR TEN & BASS TEN due in December

Stellartone's 2021 DUO SIX is now available!  This new multi-range solid-shaft model for USA 1/4" set-screw knobs has been optimized for both guitars and basses.  Please visit our web store and REVERB.COM for complete product information.

The 2021 GUITAR TEN and BASS TEN models, with split-shaft tips for both push-on USA knobs plus all set-screw knobs, are estimated to arrive by mid-December.  To receive an email notification when these new products are in stock, click here.

The 2020 GUITAR DUO SIX LONG is nearly sold out!  If you've been considering a fall upgrade for your Gibson Flying V or Explorer, the GUITAR DUO SIX LONG is the perfect model for all three-knob "volume-volume-tone" guitars with USA push-on knobs.  2020 pricing is unchanged, supplies are very limited... and this premium model  is now discontinued!

Thank you for your attention!