First manufactured in 2012, the B-6 BASS SIX (.047µF max capacitance, plus true bypass) is perfect for the Fender P-Bass.

These unique custom tone controls feature five contrasting capacitance circuits with uniform audio-taper spacing between tones, and the guaranteed quietest switching in this device class!

At full clockwise rotation #6, true bypass is selected. This circuit may be optionally configured for "virtual tone pot loading" during installation, by adding the resistor and capacitor included in each kit. Capacitance range: TRUE BYPASS to .047µF.

These compact six-position controls exclusively fit 1/4" hole USA set-screw knobs - no push-on plastic knobs or 6mm hole metric knobs! The 5/16" short bushings are designed for mounting through ≤3/16" thin surfaces, such as pickguards and metal control plates. For instruments with thicker wood tops, choose a ToneStyler TEN.

100% passive analog circuity - no batteries - zero noise!  Includes mounting hardware and 1/2" hex nut driver.  Hand-made in the U.S.A.   MAP  $99

*** Notice: Due to sharp cost increases for custom components, Stellartone will no longer manufacture any SIX-position ToneStylers. Last call... the final run of this 2012 model reissue is almost sold out. Don't delay in ordering yours! ***