The following guarantee, updated on 6/8/2023, applies exclusively to brand-new products purchased directly from Stellartone or from an authorized Stellartone dealer.

30 day Satisfaction Guarantee

Try one or two ToneStyler® custom tone controls in your bass or guitar for 30 days. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return one or both ToneStylers to Stellartone® for prompt refund of the returned merchandise price less the 4% processing fees charged by, PayPal, or VISA/MC.  The shipping costs, and any sales taxes collected via third party marketplaces, are non-refundable.

Stellartone's 30 day satisfaction guarantee is limited to a maximum of two ToneStyler controls per each customer, buyer or user.  After the initial purchase, Stellartone products subsequently purchased for continuing research, development, or compatibility experiments, are ineligible for refund under this 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Before making any repeat purchases, utilize any ToneStyler on hand to verify the performance, compatibility and satisfaction with any new pickups, or in unfamiliar instruments.  If a ToneStyler is unavailable for testing, simply use any standard passive tone pot; satisfactory tone pot performance indicates that a ToneStyler will also be compatible.  Conversely, if a standard tone pot works poorly with your instrument or pickups, a ToneStyler should not be tested, as it will not be suitable as a replacement; an active preamp / tone stack is the correct solution.

ToneStylers and tone pots are high-impedance controls; these work optimally when connected to high-impedance (hi-Z) pickups, which have DC resistances greater than about 6kΩ. ToneStyler performance and strength is reduced if connected to mid-impedance pickups, which have DC resistances lower than about 4kΩ.  ToneStylers will not work at all when connected to low-impedance (lo-Z) or active pickups, or the outputs of active preamp modules, which have DC resistances lower than about 2.5kΩ.  Also be aware that adding a series/parallel coil switch to any hi-Z humbucking pickup will reduce the normal series resistance value by 75%!  When the coils are re-connected in parallel, a typical 8kΩ hi-Z humbucking pickup instantly becomes a 2kΩ low-impedance pickup; any passive tone control will stop working properly.  A series/parallel coil switch modification is simply incompatible with any passive tone controls.

Please contact Stellartone, and provide your Stellartone invoice number; we will reply with our authorization and return address.  Merchandise must be complete, securely packaged, and in undamaged condition.  To prevent any risk of loss in transit, ship all returns with insurance and proof of delivery.  Stellartone is not responsible for parcels that never arrive for any reasons.  Buyer's product installation or removal costs, efforts, time, loss of use value, shipping expenses, duties, fees, taxes, or any other related expenses or considerations are not refundable or reimbursable.

Having an installation problem? Please contact us A.S.A.P. and we will respond promptly. Your 100% satisfaction is the key to our success, and we are happy to provide our customers with prompt, personalized assistance. We promise that we won't direct you back to our web site's instructions for self help!  Click here to contact Stellartone for technical or product support. To obtain your return authorization number, please provide your Stellartone or Dealer invoice number, and date of purchase. You may also call us during business hours at (903) 747-6552. Thank you!