Welcome to Stellartone USA!

tone control

Stellartone is a designer and manufacturer of custom tone controls for guitar and bass.  Our unique products are proudly hand-made in the USA.  Our flagship product is the ToneStyler... the world's best drop-in upgrade of the tone control in electric guitars and basses featuring hi-Z passive magnetic pickups!

The ToneStyler replaces your instrument's muddy, unused tone pot.  Unlike a standard potentiometer and tone cap, which produces only ONE "low-pass" roll-off frequency, the ToneStyler's gold-contact military-grade miniature capacitor selector switch produces an expanded series of roll-off frequencies, which selectively cut treble while retaining vital mid-range and rich harmonics.

Instantly choose classic and modern tones, plus your bass or guitar's original tone.  Stellartone's proprietary 100% passive analog circuitry increases output and clarity, with no batteries - and zero noise!

ToneStylers are available in your choice of these four maximum capacitance ranges:

SPECIAL TEN:    8.2nF (.0082µF)

GUITAR TEN:         22nF (.022µF)

TONESTYLER X:    47nF (.047µF)

BASS TEN:           100nF (.100µF)