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Introducing the 2021 ToneStyler DUO SIX

The latest refinement in Stellartone's unique two-channel two-cable ToneStylers.  The multi-range, multi-purpose 2021 DUO SIX offers musicians a choice between four contrasting capacitance ranges during the easy drop-in installation.

For use in guitars and basses featuring two pickup volumes but space for only one master tone control (Fender Jazz Bass, Gretsch), simply connect one cable to each pickup output. The blue cable's .047µF range controls the neck pickup, and the red cable's .022µF range controls the bridge pickup.

For use in guitars and basses with only one master volume control (Fender Precision Bass, Telecaster) connect only one cable to the volume pot to access the traditional .022µF or .047µF tone pot ranges.  To increase the EQ range to .069µF sub-bass, connect both cables in parallel.  To decrease to .015µF for mid-range-only EQ, connect both cables in series.  You may also connect one cable to each pickup output, producing two complementary EQ ranges.

There are five contrasting capacitance circuits in each of the four available EQ ranges, with uniform audio-taper spacing between tones.  At full clockwise rotation, the installer's option of true bypass or virtual tone pot loading is selected.

See the EQ chart below for a comparison of these four capacitance ranges, and check out our web store for complete product information.

Duo Six Cable Chart

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