NEWS UPDATE: 6/1/2024

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Introducing the 2024 Stellartone ToneStyler X!

The brand-new ToneStyler X ("ten") is a multi-instrument ten-position capacitor selector switch tone control, for electric guitars and basses with hi-Z passive magnetic pickups. The ToneStyler X combines the min-max EQ ranges of our Guitar Ten and Bass Ten, all in one control. The deepest anti-clockwise circuit #1 selects the traditional #473 bass tone cap, and the adjacent circuit #2 selects the traditional #223 guitar tone cap. The intermediate circuits #3 through #8 provide Stellartone's discrete capacitance values in audio taper. The ToneStyler X is a truly versatile control, which can be used interchangeably in both guitars and basses, and is compatible with all types of hi-Z passive pickups.


Unlike the many cheap, low-quality DIY products using flimsy imported components and noisy switching, Stellartone stands alone in using only premium USA mil-spec aviation components, gold contacts, super-silent switching, and hand wiring. Don't waste your time and money installing a noisy, throw-away junk product with a short lifespan.
Your guitar or bass is worth the best!

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