Stellartone Custom Guitar Electronics

ToneStyler Custom Tone Controls

Designed for easy, drop-in replacement of any standard tone pot with a 3/8" diameter USA bushing; no modifications or routing required. Stellartone's premium-quality musical instrument rotary tone switches are custom-made by Grayhill USA. Switches are mil-spec, sealed, moisture-proof, shockproof, RFI shielded, and feature gold-plated terminals & shorting contacts for the lowest resistance & most quiet switching possible.  Average life expectancy exceeds 100,000 operation cycles. Available with solid-shaft and split-shaft tips, and in four EQ voicing ranges:  MID-RANGE, GUITAR, BASS, and SUB BASS.

We use C0G Class A miniature ceramic capacitors of mil-spec quality, which are non-microphonic, sealed, and shockproof.  Our premium-grade, low-loss ESV (equivalent series resistance) ceramic capacitors are the best-performing and most-stable type of miniature audio capacitor available, producing the smoothest & most-desirable audio filtering qualities; these are the perfect choice for compact guitar tone control use.  Used commercially in virtually all guitars and basses since 1959, ceramic capacitors replaced the oversized, high-voltage paper & foil types formerly-used in radios, televisions and amplifiers.

• Mounting bushing diameter:  3/8"-32 [U.S.A. standard diameter - mounts through 3/8" diameter hole (9.5mm)]
• Does NOT FIT through an 8mm metric pot hole, i.e. Epiphone; before installation, drill metric holes out to 3/8" (9.5mm)
• Solid-shaft tip:  5/16" (8mm) length x 3/8"-32 threaded bushing fits surfaces up to 3/16" thick.  Mil-spec stainless steel tip with "D" flat for USA set-screw knobs: 0.25" dia. x 0.375" tall. NOT FOR  6mm hole metric set-screw knobs (use the smaller split-shaft tip)
• Split-shaft tip:  1/2" (12.7mm) length x 3/8"-32 threaded bushing fits surfaces up to 3/8" thick.  0.262" tall x 0.232" diameter split-shaft tip with 24-fine-splines for U.S.A. push-on knobs, and 6mm hole metric set-screw knobs; for 1/4" hole U.S.A. set-screw knobs, add the supplied 1/4" brass sleeve
• 24-fine-spline split-shaft tip DOES NOT FIT 18-coarse-spline molded acrylic push-on metric knobs, i.e. Epiphone; swap out an Epi knob with the matching Gibson USA knob
• Compact .875" / 22.2mm (+/-  .02"/.5mm) round footprint is slightly-smaller than a standard 15/16" (24mm) full-sized CTS potentiometer
• Low-profile metalized polymer module requires a minimum of 0.8125" / 20.6mm (+/-  .02"/.5mm) depth inside the instrument's control compartment

Custom-made and non-standard instruments

Do you have a unique or unusual instrument?  Does it have "mini-pots", or a shallow, tiny control compartment?  Before purchase, verify your instrument's control cavity clearances.  The thickness of the mounting surface, and the desired knob height, also affects how much "air space" will be required inside the instrument.  A ToneStyler LONG shaft B-10-L, X-L, G-10-L or S-10-L  installation through a thin plastic pickguard calls for 1.16" /  29.5mm of air space inside the guitar or bass; ~3/16" less air space is needed to fit the smaller ToneStyler SHORT B-10-S, X-S, G-10-S and S-10-S models.  When a ToneStyler LONG is installed through a 3/8" thick solid wood surface... or a ToneStyler SHORT is installed through a 3/16" thin wood surface... only 0.85" / 21.6mm of air space is required inside the guitar or bass.

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