-Simply the best drop-in replacement for your ineffective & dull tone pot.  Invisibly installs in minutes using your original knobs, without any modification to the instrument.  Precisely cut treble while retaining midrange resonance and rich harmonics.

Optimize your tone before your output passes through pedalboards, direct boxes, amplifiers, or microphones.  Recordings are vastly improved, and live performance tones are perfected.  Connect to either pickup to control only one pickup plus both pickups.  Convert to "master-blend-tone to control both pikcups in all control combinations.  Please see Stellartone's custom diagrams for many wiring options.

100% passive analog circuitry increases the output and clarity of any guitar or bass with passive pickups.  No batteries - Zero noise!  Powerful and precise control of treble & mid frequencies is provided at last... and the tone pot's weak, muddy sound is completely eliminated!  Hand-made in the U.S.A.

Model B-10-S     List $161.25     MAP: $129

Tele-Jazz v2

Version 2's master volume knob is stacked on top of a traditional tone pot.

TJ-2-PW     List $328.98     MAP $268

Tele-Jazz v3

Version 3's master volume knob is stacked on top of a unique "tone depth pot", which moderates the EQ strength and treble content of the selected ToneStyler circuit.

TJ-3-PW     List $325.49     MAP $266

Version 4 features a single master volume knob, without any "stacked" tone control.

TJ-4-PW     List $299.87     MAP $247

Same as version 4 above, except this control plate has a "straight throw" switch, for use with a standard-size single volume knob.  Versions 1, 2, 3 & 4 above feature "slant throw" switches to improve finger clearance when using the larger-diameter stacked knobs.  Save $10 with this v4S "straight throw" control plate.

TJ-4S-PW     List $287.37     MAP $237